Vacations Lead to a More Productive Work Life

Hello everyone!

Its Friday, Jan 30th can you believe the first month of the new year 2015 is now over! Time flies when you’re having fun!

Barely able to recover from my month long trip to the Philippines, I went to Las Vegas, Nevada for 2.5 days for work. However, it was more a social event than anything. There was a big convention going on at our hotel, PARIS, ie the Affiliate Summit and we did schedule a few hours on Monday for some much needed face to face meeting with co workers but otherwise, it was meant to be a fun and relaxing time socializing with co-workers. This trip was extremely pleasant and enjoyable for me, not only because of the awesome location but also because of the warmth and friendliness of my co-workers whom I feel very comfortable with and really we treat each other like family.

It was like attending a family reunion of long lost relatives, with all of us coming from different backgrounds, parts of the states, heritage, etc. Well, I am extremely lucky to be part of this company!

We had a fantastic steak dinner at Echo and Rig Steakhouse and during dinner some plans were revealed for 2015. Afterwards, I watched the amazing show Le Reve at the Wynn Theatre with 3 co-workers. I just met both of them in person, but it seemed like we have known each other forever!

On Day 2, we had our usual company meeting discussing specific topics and plans for 2015. Afterwards, we all had dinner at the Venetian for a delicious Italian cuisine and after wards we went to the concert of rapper, Sean Paul! It was a fun party. The night did not end there. We had a night cap the Paris bar and afterwards got hungry so we grabbed some grub at Hollywood. The night ended at 4 AM.

I had a pleasant and enjoyable trip back home as it was comfy and airy with lots of empty seats!

The end result: I am a happy, rejuvenated worker, now eager to work, be productive and be more organized. I have found a new inspiration to tackle my daily tasks with gusto! Therefore I conclude, a good vacation to a new place with great energy and vibe is a good investment and leads to a more productive work life!


The Sociable Mom, PQF

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