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Meet The Flo Fam!

Meet The Flo Fam!

April 14, 2017

Hello! We’re the Flo Fam! We’re a family of four, who loves to dine, travel, socialize and explore new places and adventures! Our top choice for a restaurant is Japanese, because we all love Ramen! We only choose Filipino Food, 2nd which is funny! Mexican comes third for us. We enjoy playing the park, hiking, attending birthday parties but our all time favorite is traveling! My kids love going to different places especially when they would ride the airplane! However, any drive, long or short would make them as happy as well! Any trip outside the home, gives them joy and they always find that enjoyable even a simple trip to an ice cream or milk tea shop! I’m happy my kids are happy and fearless and embrace the excitement of new places bring as well as the simple joys of life.

The latest event in the family, was the 8th birthday of my eldest son, Raf this April! Can’t believe my first born is now 8! He has grown to be a wonderful, sweet and charming young man! He has accomplished a lot in the past 8 years.. in my opinion! He has tried many sports, first flag football, then baseball and his favorite sport, soccer! He is also a full purple belt in Karate, and working towards the blue belt! He has read in front on the school when was in Kindergarten for their Readers Show and performed a few times on stage for their school’s Spring Show! He has also tried a bit of role-play/acting on the side, to build his self confidence and smile! WOW! What a terrific list of accomplishments for an 8 year old! On his birthday, I tear up when I look at his picture because I have so much happiness and pride for the person he has become! He is doing well in school! His teachers frequently say he is smart and he has a good heart! I thank GOD everyday for blessing me with a kind and loving son.. Wishing him more blessings, happiness and success as he grows older!


Paula P-Flo

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