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BlackBird Restaurant

January 6, 2015

I had enjoyed our Marketing and Research days at Colgate-Palmolive Philippines and it is definitely one my favorite companies to work for. So every time we come home to Manila, my friends and I (ex-Colgate-Palmolive employees) make sure to get together! This year, we planned to have our post-holiday dinner on January 6, to catch up and have a great time! One of these esteemed colleagues was one of my principal sponsors during our church wedding in Manila. He wanted to take us to an elegant place in the city and so he chose Black Bird, which tops the list for the 10 Most Awesome NEW Restaurants in Makati City in 2014! Black Bird is an Aviation-themed restaurant with European and Asian influences. It is located at the heart of Makati, in Nielson Tower, Ayala Triangle across the Manila Peninsula.


At the entrance of the restaurant, they have a Art Deco lobby where you enjoy your drinks while waiting for your friends or have cocktails while you hang out.


Our group gathered at around 7:30 PM, and for starters, we had ordered crispy soft shell crabs, cauliflower puree, mint, apricot chutney and beef carpaccio.


For my main dish I had a Branzino Fillet, roast fennel, potato and lemon. It was delicious and a good and healthy choice!


We passed the night away, not only eating but reminiscing about our fun Marketing days and our colleagues whom we have cherished memories of!


Who could forget the dessert? Here’s what I ordered, which our whole group shared!


All good things must come to an end, and so we had to wrap up that evening.. with a lot of pictures! Here we are at the beautiful entry way.


It was also a good “photo op” as they say outside the restaurant.


As we were walking back to our hotel, this is our view as we crossed our street going towards Manila Peninsula.


All in all, Black Bird provided a wonderful dining experience, with a classy and comfortable ambiance, the stuff that good memories are made of! Try in on your next visit to Makati!

The Sociable Mom, PF

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